About this site

It's a one-man operation, in case that's not obvious.

I'm Matthew Jenkins of Indianapolis USA, producing limited-edition, small-batch products for tiny niches, usually audio circuits or videogame-related circuits.

A few words

About the builder

I’m obsessed with building things, especially audio circuits. Over the years I’ve built every kind of circuit I could use in my home studio: from microphones, to preamps, to compressors, to stompboxes, to DI circuits, and on and on. Also, lots of power supplies. 

Build quality is my #1 priority. Aesthetics take a back seat to sound quality. Many of my circuits look janky from the outside, but they’re all built to last a lifetime. 

If you bought anything from me and it stops working, I will fix it for free. (Not including arcade machines.)  

sick of fees

The main reason this small online shop exists: sellers fees

The fees at eBay, Reverb.com, and Discogs.com seem overly opportunistic and greedy, so I’d rather sell directly to individuals than through an intermediary with 10%+ fees.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything.

Also, check out how damn cute my cat is.


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I also play bass in an amazing power trio and I’m a father to 3 brilliant young women.

Enough about me.