Atari 5200 cartridge screw replacement

Lost the screw to an Atari 5200 cartridge?

A #4 “decorative” screw from Menards is an almost exact match and works great. The tip is slightly more blunted than the original Atari screws, but this is a very minor detail.

See out Handy Pack 82161 in the screw section of Menards. 39¢ for a pack of 2 in 2022.

They’re simultaneously labeled “decorative,” “bronze,” and “sheet metal 17.” None of these things are accurate. They appear black, non-decorative, and nothing you’d ever use on sheet metal; they have a beveled head like a wood screw.

Atari 5200 screw replacement
A #4 screw with a length of ½ inch works.