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Would you like to play a game?

If you exist as a sentient being in the year 2015, then you have strong memories of electronic gaming from your childhood. Most likely, those experiences made a profound and lasting impact, even if only latent and now largely expunged from memory. The most forgotten conscious memories may be as deeply ingrained in the psyche as the most profound of human experiences: traveling to foreign lands, falling in love, breastfeeding as an infant. I’m not kidding.

Now that neuroscientists have discovered that sensory brain regions store emotional memories
This suggests sensory information — a particular sound — is coupled with emotional information — a memory of fear — and stored in the auditory and visual cortices as a bundle – allowing the sounds and sights to acquire an emotional meaning.

“The same part of the brain that’s in charge of processing our senses is also responsible, at least in part, for storing emotional memories.” (

Does the sound of thunder make you inexplicably happy? When you re-experience the colors, animation,

Until 2010 when neuroscientists found a probable link between emotional memories and sensory triggers. (

Not only did you take in otherworldly sounds, vibrant visuals, but you had the

Retro gaming is not only a good brain exercise. It’s crazy fun.

Here’s the book

If you want to bring your retro gaming memories back to life and experience them anew, you’ve found your guide.
This tome contains your step-by-step guide to bring the joys of arcade gaming back to life. and bringing back gaming fun even the flashiest modern games can never hope to create.

Any age may apply / what was the “killer app” of your youth?

The game we’re playing is open to members of any living generation: Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, & even those generations not yet named, or whose name is not to be spoken. No matter what the killer app of your childhood: whether Burger Time, Pinball, Super Mario World 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), World of Warcraft, Tomb Raider, Video Pong, you’re covered. Unless your game is Temple Run on the iPad. Those youngsters will have to wait for volume 2. I’m promising big things, so jump right in. (Acquire this book immediately! Steal it, download it, buy it, I don’t care) and partner with a friend, and commit to lighting up your brain.

What you’ll find

A ticket to ride for every budget, from free apps for the non-committal (wuss!) to setting up a full arcade in your house, here is some of what you’ll find.


ADVANCED TOPICS will include for the neurotic and committed, for increased impact through improved authenticity – real tube monitors, 15kHz display rates, authentic retro controls, etc.