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Moving macs

For a power user, moving a production environment from one Macintosh to another is not always as easy as using Migration Assistant. If you can use that, you should. But if you find yourself in a situation where you must do it manually, here is my personal list of things to remember…

Keep your username the same if possible.
If an administrator set up your computer and you need to change the directory name of your primary user account, here are some clear instructions. If that link is dead, here are some more.

Tips specific to my production environment… May be useful to you too.

Move your conversion scripts from ~/Library/Services.

Install cloud services that you still use. Remember Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Jumpshare, CloudApp.

Export all your user fonts from your production machine. You can batch install fonts on the new machine by opening Font Book and dropping an entire folder full of folders.

Copy your FTP credentials from Coda into a shared text document on dropbox. For some reason, Coda still doesn’t possess this most basic of features. Don’t wipe that machine until you have them locked down! Resurfacing FTP credentials is especially time-consuming.

Back up your TextExpander snippets. You are nothing without your TextExpander snippets. One day I’m hoping Mac Keyboard Shortcuts become robust enough to handle all the work of TE. Then this can all be done with migration assistant, but until they day when clipboards and cursor position features are available, TE ahoy!

Back up and import Keyboard Maestro macros.

One day I expect Keyboard Maestro will be able to do the work of Flycut and TextExpander. We’re getting there.

Associate file types with Textwrangler: CSV, TXT, HTML.

Install these finder helper apps

  1. Create New Text File Here
  2. Open Terminal Here

Move these icons into the finder window by command-dragging them to the top bar.

Change the macintosh screenshot default folder save location

defaults write location ~/Desktop/swang