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The hunt for 19″ CRT’s without burn-in – Goodwill – all TVs 99¢ while supplies last – Oct. 4 – 10

I’d planned to skip the obvious Goodwill route, expecting to pay $8.99 for something that might have an incompatible tube inside. I figured garage sales and curbside throwaways would be a better bet. But on a whim – I had just dropped the kids off for a sleepover at Grandma’s farm – I stopped by Goodwill.

The place was so packed it was hard to maneuver through the aisles. That familiar Goodwill smell smacked me in the brain in my first few steps. I pondered how sometimes I find that smell repugnant, and other times vaguely comforting.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about it that day, but I suspected I would make a beeline around the electronics wall then straight the frick out of there.

A 4 foot wall of shelves, that once held TVs, was picked over and now mostly empty. I quickly discovered why: 99¢ for all TVs, any size. All that remained were off brands, “Symphonics” and the like, tiny 9″ sets, ones with blurry screens, and one late 80’s RCA with woodgrain plastic, now mine.

Late on a Saturday afternoon, you’d feel you missed the pick of the litter. But for an arcade collector, it was still there waiting for me.
The 50% storewide discount that drew in the throngs applied to this already-discounted set.

I pulled out the $2 I had in my wallet to cover tax and then got a little bonus thrill to see the register light up the total amount including tax: 54¢.

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