PCB Sellers for Audio DIY Projects

Stompbox PCB sellers

The big two

  • PedalPCB (Albany, Georgia)
    The most accurate reproductions of original circuits you’ll find; no changes in component values, no mods. Over 600 projects available. This should be your first stop, especially for dirt circuits.
  • MadBean Pedals (Hendersonville, Tennessee)
    (Circuits are often tweaked beyond the original. Brian incorporates the best mods so you don’t have to glom them on yourself. Limited edition projects are not stocked indefinitely, so buy those PCBs you’re interested in while you can.)

The others

I’ve mostly excluded companies specializing in fully-built pedals, kits, and synth projects.

Non-U.S.-based sellers

I’m sure there are others. But I’ve barely scratched the surface of exploring the hundreds of PCBs available from the sources above.

DIY PCB layouts

Project Listings and Forums

Enclosures and parts

PCB sellers no longer active (RIP)

MusicPCB | Skidmark Pedals | Nucleon FX