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I haven’t found any publicly-shared info about production runs of overlays. It seems that each developer finds a screen printer to work with and reinvents the trial-and-error process, although I have yet to point blank ask anyone where they get their overlays made. Maybe they would share the details.

A google search turns up the following possibilities. Although it would be preferable to have a standard die cut file size, and printing specs. I’ll share that info if I have to re-invent the wheel myself… For now, I would want to get a quote and/or advise from:


Game developer interviews

Get inspired! Read interviews with Vectrex programmers:

Reportedly, interviews with Vectrex developers went into the making of the article The Vectrex Story that’s on the Retro Survival CD-ROM.


Retro gaming magazines


Old Game Mags


Retrocade Magazine

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